Sevenoaks - Ide Hill

Ide Hill
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Ide Hill is a village within the civil parish of Sundridge with Ide Hill, in the Sevenoaks District of Kent, England. It stands on one of the highest points of the sandstone ridge about five miles south-west of Sevenoaks. Its name first appears on record in 1250 as Edythehelle. It is an eponymic denoting 'Edith's hill', from the Old English hyll 'hill'.

The church is relatively modern. The village had a chapel in 1807, built by the then Bishop of London; St Mary's church was built in 1865. There are several old buildings round the sloping village green, including the 18th-century Cock Inn and the Ide Hill Village School, built in 1856 it is the second home of the school which unusually for a church school predates the church building as the school was formed in 1809.

Two of Kent's places of interest are near Ide Hill: Bough Beech Reservoir and Emmetts Garden.

Interesting fact: St Mary's has the distinction of being the highest church in Kent.